Can you force a 15 year old to enter drug rehab (as their parent)?

Question by Cassie: Can you force a 15 year old to enter drug rehab (as their parent)?
My wife’s youngest sister is addicted to numerous drugs and openly abuses them. She is only 15. We called a treatment center and they told us that she has to want to enter or else her mother can’t force her to go. I find this ridiculous. Does anyone know if this is true!? I understand not forcing adults but minor children!? Just a sin. 🙁

BTW we live in PA.
Does anyone know if there are written policies or laws saying this? We have drug tested her at home using a test and she was positive for all the drugs we knew she was on.

Even if she chooses to be an addict once she turns 18 that is her business. As her parent her mother should have the right to put her in a program just like if she was ill she would have the right to get her medical treatment.

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Answer by Talitha H
think of it this way, if she wont go, then she wont get better. forcing her to go wont actually help her, see she has to see it for herself
call dr phil he always gets them to “want” to go…. seriously

Answer by [[it’s ????]] ??? w???. ???
Yes, the parents can force them into rehab.

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