Maryland Drug Rehabs: Choosing a Drug Rehab Program in Maryland

Drug Rehab Programs in Maryland

There are hundreds upon hundreds of drug rehab programs in Maryland that claim they provide the most effective addiction treatment in the country. You can go on the internet and find drug rehab after drug rehab listed with a variety of “recovery claims”. It appears that most of these drug rehab programs and alcohol rehab programs are properly licensed and do provide basic addiction treatment services. There are several challenges though and one, is that the Maryland drug rehab might be located close to your “stomping grounds” and the second is the quality of Family recovery program it provides.

Choosing a Drug Rehab Outside of Maryland

While it is usually more comfortable to choose a drug rehab close to home, we are not looking for comfort, we are looking for recovery. The closer a person is to home, the closer they are to the neighborhood liquor store and drug dealer. In the early stages of drug rehab a person generally will go through alcohol detox or drug detox. This is a challenging time, where cravings are intense and the desire to leave drug rehab is at an all time high. People generally think twice about leaving drug rehab if they are not receiving addiction treatment services in their own back yard.

The Family Component in Drug Rehab

We all know the damage that has occurred within the family due to years of drug addiction and alcoholism. Most drug rehab programs will offer family therapy once weekly for two to three weeks to resolve issues that have taken years upon years to develop. Quality addiction treatment programs and drug rehab programs will have a family recovery component consisting of a minimum of four complete days for the family and patient to work together. These groups should be run by a licensed marriage and family therapist with a background in addiction treatment.

For a addiction treatment program, drug rehab, alcohol rehab or dual diagnosis treatment center in Maryland, you can call the national addiction treatment helpline at 1-800-511-9225 or go to

Jonathan Huttner is a principal with Lakeview Health Systems, an addiction treatment program specializing in the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis. Lakeview also has an addiction treatment component called Freedom Rings, which specializes in the addiction treatment of the GLBT population

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